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Phobia Haunted Trail is a Halloween haunted house attraction located at 2859 Maco Rd NE Leland NC 28451.  Phobia Haunted Trail is now in it's 6th season and it only gets better and scarier.  It takes about 30 minutes to survive.  Phobia Haunted Trail is a Fall seasonal weekend attraction, open Friday Saturday and Sunday from 8PM to Midnight.  This is a live actor event.  You will experience scenes that some people find frightening and disturbing.  

Phobia Haunted Trail in Leland NC has scenes created to tap into your inner most fears.  Our guests will weave their way through the haunted trail and will be greeted by our live actors.  They will not touch you, but they will work to give you nightmares.  As you walk through the trail you will transition though various scenes sure to have you on edge not knowing where the next action will strike.  This year's attraction will have our guests Face their Fears in CarnEvil, the Clowns are Back!  Dr. Von Witz is working with the clowns to test your brain and expose you to extreme phobias.  There are 2 trails to survive, one fully immersive clown trail and one trail to test your phobias. 


The clown trail will take you back in time to an old Carnival where the clowns have decided its time for revenge in CarnEvil.  They are tired on hiding under beds, in closets and your crawlspace, now they have found their home in the woods and you are on their turf.  CarnEvil will test your mind to know whats real and whats not.  You wanted clowns?  Well youre gonna get angry clowns in the woods looking to add to their human collection.  Can you survive??? 

Dr. Luke Von Witz will test your Fears and Phobias on The Institute trail.  He will keep some guests for additional tests and feed the rest to the monsters.  What's your fear? Will you become the doctors latest subject or dinner?  This isn't for the faint of heart, your life is at stake or steak.   What lies in the dark, what you can see and what you cant.  Do you have what it takes to Face Your Fears!  

Proceed with caution or you just may end up part of the attractions! 

CarnEvil Nights

Hours of Operation  

Opening Sept 22 - Nov 4 (Saturday)

Friday, Saturday & Sundays


Last tickets sold Fri & Sat at 11:30

Last tickets on Sunday sold at 11:00

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Phobia Haunted Trail
2859 Maco Rd NE
Leland, NC 28451
12 Minutes West of Wilmington off Rt 74 turn at Hardees

Parking is available on site with overflow lots before and after.  Please respect the businesses and do not litter.

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Phobia Haunted Trail Leland NC

Phobia Haunted Trail Logo CarnEvil 2023 Leland NC Haunted Trail attraction
Goth-Ya and Spoogly the clow at Phobia Haunted Trail
Haunted House Attraction Wilmington NC
Phobia Haunted Trail
Haunted Trail Leland NC, scary clown
Scary character at Phobia Haunted Trail Leland NC
Spoogly the Clown at Phobia Haunted Trail
Cast at Phobia Haunted Trail Halloween attraction Leland NC
Goth-Ya at Phobia Haunted Trail
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